Space Clearing
Our environment (home or workplace) can contain energy from outside sources such as previous residents, occupants of the land, friends, family members, or coworkers. Because this energy is foreign to us, it may cause distress to our physical and/or etheric bodies. With space clearing, the area will be cleansed and healed.
Many beings are unable to leave this plane or move on to another dimension without help. Assistance is given, enabling a continuation of the being’s journey and allowing transformation to the next level.
An intuitive look into your life, viewing information in your timing. Information is gathered from your being, your guides, your aura, and your chakras. Along with personal insight and self-discovery, readings can offer awareness and understanding to assist you with immediate concerns or with major issues affecting your life journey.
Past-Life Readings
Past life reading can bring clarity and understanding to present-day issues and concerns. Mindful of our timing, we look at past selves to learn more about who we are today. In caring, we bridge present and past, searching for specific cause or general information
Personal Development Classes
Classes designed to promote personal awareness and growth. The classes consist of channeled lectures and exercises encouraging psychic, energetic, and spiritual development.
A means of gathering information about people or events by holding an item associated with them. The information gathered pertains to past, not future, events.